This might seem crazy – but these 5 ways to reuse an old door are genius!

Doors are usually for one thing only: entering and exiting a room or a house. Once they’ve outlived this purpose or been replaced with a new door, they often get sent straight to the garbage where they sit without any purpose. This is a real shame, because even the simplest door has a ton of DIY potential.

If you have an old door hiding in your garage waiting for you bring it to the dump, don’t. Instead, use it to make one of these DIY projects instead.

1. Laundry-folding table (h/t Tim Franklin)
The laundry room never seems to have enough counter space to fold clothes, and this table would solve that problem for good. Bonus: It folds away unobtrusively when not in use.

2. Hall tree (h/t Refresh Restyle)
A hall tree can do wonders for your entryway, but a new one can be expensive. Instead, find an old door and make your own. Not only is it a fun project, but you can make sure it has as much storage as you need.

3. Porch swing (h/t Huckleberry Lane Furniture)
Can you see yourself relaxing on this adorable swing after a long, busy day? The seat of this swing was made from an old table, but you could just as easily use wood from the hardware store.

4. Outdoor bar (h/t Finding Home Farms)
Outdoor bars are perfect for summer, and this one has more than enough space for all your drink-making equipment. It’s also a fairly easy project to tackle, even if you’re a woodworking beginner.

5. Entryway bench (h/t Friendly Home)
Replace that old chair by your front door with this gorgeous entryway bench. Simple yet elegant, it has plenty of storage for jackets, plus a handy little drawer under the bench.

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