Peanut Butter Test – The Easiest Way To Detect Early Alzheimer’s

An estimated 5.2 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease in 2014, and around 500,000 seniors die each year because of it. University of Florida Health researchers have found a quick and inexpensive way to diagnose this disease at an early stage using the Peanut Butter test. Please watch and share this video to spread the awareness.

A need for cheap, accurate tests “The accessibility of current Alzheimer’s tests is one of the issues that is making diagnosis and research difficult,” notes Dr. Wint. Currently, the most accurate early-stage diagnostic tests for Alzheimer’s are a spinal tap or an amyloid PET scan. However, these tests are expensive, uncomfortable and not available everywhere. “The amyloid PET scan can cost $5,000, and that is just to figure out who should be studied in any Alzheimer’s study for early-stage diagnosis,” he says. Accurate, accessible and inexpensive testing could inform more patients about their Alzheimer’s disease status. And diagnosing Alzheimer’s in its early stages is critical to finding treatments that can delay or prevent future memory loss, says Dr. Wint.

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